Wonderful off day!

I had a wonderful day today. I was off from work so after eating breakfast at our local community center we, went to the Library earlier than usual for the meeting of the KnitWits, a local group that meets and knits and crochets.  We had a lovely crowd today and I got to finish my hat I was making.  I got finished an hour before the meeting was over so I had to go get some yarn out of my ‘trunk stash’ boy was I happy I had that.  I was on the go, with my crocheting.  I had gotten in that perfect groove where I just did not want to stop.

I will try to post pictures later of my finished hat,but meanwhile here is a link to the pattern designers site where you can see what It looks like and can also purchase if you would like. http://http://www.lindamade.com/patterns   The hat I crocheted is the ‘Artichoke Hat.’  I love this designers patterns, she always has wonderful and beautiful things!

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Wishing I had m…

Wishing I had more time for the things I want to do, like photography and crocheting.  Bit by tiny bit I will make time to relax and do what makes me happy.  I find new ideas around me all the time, whither its and new pattern I want to try out or a photograph that I want to take.  It is never ending.

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The crisp air tonight felt good compared to the recent scorching heat. It won’t be long till I’ll need to get out my scarfs, hats and cowls. I am sure I will be adding to my collection of these, for there are so many pretty patterns out there.

In shopping tonight, at my workplace, I came across several new Gluten-Free items in the grocery aisles. I found some crackers made out of nuts. I got the pecan kind and they are good. To explain why the need of gluten-free I have recently discovered, thru elimination, that gluten containing foods such as bread were causing severe migraines. I was tired of being miserable and missing work because of the migraines. Medicine didn’t work so I thought I would try going Gluten-Free for a month to see if this would help. It’s been four weeks and so far so good. I even fill like I can breathe better, if that makes any sense.

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Mabel the Pig

Mabel the Pig Pattern


This is the pattern that I came up with when I was unable to find a pig pattern that I liked.  Make one, two or three and you can have a whole family of pigs.

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pics of progress

Here are some of the progress pictures on my purse.  Nothing like cutting a square out of the middle of fabric.

Melly and Me Sherbet

Cutting .....

more cutting

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Needle pricks

Well, my purse is coming along… I had some difficulty getting the iron on interfacing to stick, but that part is now over. Then I had to pin my pleats down on main part of bag. I think I could have given a blood sample with my pin pricks. I did get to have fun with my rottery cutter that I have had for a while and have never gotten to use. I might have had too much fun..

I made some pictures of the purse progress that I hope to post soon.

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New purse

I am finally making my Melly & Me “Sherbet” purse. I have dug deep in my fabric stash for some Waverly “Emma’s Garden” in three different shades. I am going to accent my purse , I think, with a crocheted rose.

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Upside down

My world is upside down.  I sleep in the day and work at night.  In my off days there is a bit of normalcy.  Every thing goes back to the way it was, for a little while at least.  Then I have to go back to work and turn my life upside down again.  One good thing though, I do get to see my youngest niece more often, and she is a breath of spring air.

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Hello world!

This is going to be an exciting adventure for me.  Write my thoughts down and share them.  I am an avid crocheter, photographer and poet.

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